• Teach skills that will allow to compete at the collegiate or professional level
  • Instill BELIEF in potential and possibility of great SUCCESS.
  • Help to AIM HIGH and move towards AMBITIOUS GOALS with COURAGE.
  • Develop great ATTITUDE when facing challenges and adversity.
  • Increase FOCUS in a challenging, developmentally oriented environment.
  • Instill RESPECT to perceive life and tennis journey as a PRIVILEGE to be THANKFUL for, privilege that calls to give back to others.
  • Ultimately, develop CHAMPIONS on and off the court.


  • To provide the best developmental opportunities to players with serious competitive aspirations
  • To instill strong values and leadership qualities in our players.
  • To provide our players with opportunities to compete at the highest levels of the game, including travel to national and international tournaments
  • To support players’ education through consistent tutoring and mentoring program
  • To make highest quality program affordable to all players that show serious drive towards competitive tennis, to support players without financial means
  • To deliver superior structure of training that results in accelerated development and achievement of the championship level
  • To offer access to best education and coaching for players, parents and coaches
  • To gain competitive edge with proprietary technologies and ideas, to become a leader in tennis training and development


  • Person first, process second, results third
  • Focusing on individual needs, everyday personal objectives covered
  • Professional approach, routines, routines, routines, attention to details
  • Quality over quantity, strong consideration to recovery
  • Integrative approach at all times (mental/character, technical - developing correct movement patterns, tactical – everything in perspective of points and match, physical – building power house ready to compete through matches and tournaments)
  • Training periodization (based on the tournament schedule)
  • Very strong fitness and recovery program


  • Number 1 in the US Boys 18 (Marek Czerwinski)
  • ATP points at the age 16 (Cyprian Pisarek)
  • WTA points at the age of 17 (Kyra Wojcik, Lauren Imre, Chalena Scholl, Claudia Williams)
  • WTA top 160 (Chiara Scholl)
  • ITF # 5 (Chalena Scholl)
  • ITF top 100 (Alexandar Lazarov)
  • ITF top 300 (Kuba Wojcik, Emanuel Llamas)
  • Sectional top 5 players (California, Southwest)
  • Sectional top 20 (Florida)
  • Multiple college placements
  • Amerlink (over 500 college placements)


  • Best facilities in Florida
  • Proximity to the beach
  • Very experienced and passionate coaches
  • T360 evaluation and programming
  • T.E.S.T. Tennis Evaluation System & Training
  • Video Room
  • ATP Delray Beach Open tournament at our facility
  • National Clay Courts at our facility
  • ITF tournament
  • Florida Tournaments



  • Injury free participation
  • Efficient and dynamic utilization of Kinetic Chain
  • Time efficient strokes ready for higher level faster game
  • Weapons Development following tactical objectives
  • Rounded skill set ready for all court game


  • Understanding statistical  importance of  the first 2 shots (first strike advantage)
  • Developing aggressive patterns based on first 4-5 shots
  • Developing mentality of one more ball in longer exchanges and in defense
  • Developing forward game ( develop advantage, climb the ladder, finish at the net)
  • Setting simple systems for OFFENSIVE, NEUTRAL and DEFENSIVE situations


  • Overall Health and Injury Prevention
  • Body Balance
  • Global Strength
  • Mobility
  • Tennis specific Power endurance - ability to produce 500 explosive strokes + movements and change of directions per match


  • Optimism
  • Self-Belief
  • Motivation
  • Grit
  • Mental Toughness


  • General Stress
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Relaxation Response


  • Positive overall attitude (seeing opportunity in every situation, believing that success is one’s destiny if willing to work and sacrifice)
  • Humble self-confidence (believing in oneself without need to show off, letting ones actions and … the racquet do the talking)
  • Selfless support of teammates (understanding that by supporting the team one accelerates own progress)
  • Very strong growth mind set (90% emphasis on learning, reaching and growing, 10% on results, belief that results are natural consequence of this mind set)
  • Self-discipline and perseverance (willingness to do what’s boring and unpopular, willingness to sacrifice for greater good and later success)
  • Steadfastness  (willingness to go through the lows and heights with unchanging resolve, belief and gratitude)
  • Flexible and coachable (ready to undertake any necessary transformation towards reaching progress even if it means to drop the level temporarily)
  • Parents that share similar values

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